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SmartConnect is driven by one core vision: That by helping companies to embrace unified communications & collaboration, social networking, and knowledge sharing, we can enable you to run your business smarter and more competitively.
We think that the best, most successful companies—the ones you not only want to do business with, but the ones you’d actually want to work for—are the ones that have a clearly defined vision. They set goals to achieve that vision, but most importantly, they have a value system that’s evident in everything they do.
How do we put it into action? We run our own business on a set of guiding principles that keep us grounded, focused, and committed to excellence.


Our mission is to build enduring partnerships with our clients by delivering world-class products and services in an environment of innovation, passion and joy. SmartConnect is strategically focused on working with clients to provide them end-2-end solutions in the realm of Unified Communications across business spectrum.


Values are the foundation of our success. Our values are centered around creating excellence in what we do and deliver highest quality of customer satisfaction.

Customer is key to our success

We will perform at a superior level that will make our customers hugely successful.

Employees are core to our Success

We will create an environment which will support the highest level of entrepreneurship and performance.

Respect and integrity

We will create an environment of complete trust, respect, integrity and honor.

Innovation is our mantra

We will invest in innovating processes and systems that will add substantial value to our customers.

Value creation

We will create substantial value for our customers by helping build world-class products and services of the highest quality at optimal value and time.