Bridging engagement silos to deliver an end-to-end experience

Experience Transformation

Experience agent transformation with our UNIFY Suite products that enables agents to deliver the best customer interactions and supervisors to add value & boost process output. Let UNIFY Suite enable you to make your customer experiences more exceptional, your people more productive, your processes more profitable and your systems more powerful.

Our Products

Innovation defines our culture. Whether we’re reinventing traditional e-commerce channels or technology platforms or launching game-changing new features to add value to retailers, we are continually stretching the definition of “what’s possible.”


  • Agent Desktop Utility with
  • Telephony controls, CTI pop-up
  • CRM Connectors for Windows based app & web applications
  • CRM & CTI Data Logging for call retreival purposes
  • On demand recording
  • Modularized integration with Genesys isolates CTI - Gives way for integration with Avaya, Cisco & others
  • Instant Messaging & Broadcasting
  • Multi Tenancy support
  • Outbound Interaction management
  • Agent performance reports
  • Customer Interaction History
  • My Kitty Callbacks


  • Frontline advisor tool for agent support during process
  • Campaign Statistics
  • Agent Statistics
  • Campaign performance indicators
  • Campaign management
  • Callback transfers
  • Coaching, Barge-in & Silent moniotoring
  • Agent Status Management


  • Quality Monitoring tool with telephony controls
  • Integration with CTI app for call control
  • Scorecarding
  • Quality management templates
  • Download & Archival of recordings
  • Extensive search based on CTI / CRM attributes


  • Reports, MIS, Insights, Analytics
  • Ready to deploy reports for Inbound & Outbound
  • Multiple download features
  • Tight Integration with CC solution for User management


  • Softphone with support of G.729/G.711 Codec
  • Works with all types of Windows OS
  • BCP-DR support without logging out agent
  • Tight integration with SmartDesk
  • No Control to Agent
  • Works without RTC Client which is out of support
  • Auto connect to Backup SIP Server


  • Screen Recording tool --- 100% and On-Demand possibilities
  • Agent wise option to configure the ScreenRecording
  • No separate installation to avoid any unwanted mishap.
  • Application runs as a service and works in complete control with SmartDesk
  • Configurable centralised storing location for ScreenRecording file
  • Configurable video quality option and Alert to Supervisor when recording stops


  • Live-operations Screen Monitoring (Silent/Barge/visible)
  • Monitor screen even on non-active state
  • Greater quality evaluation
  • No third party components for live screen monitoring


  • Call-hold management for calls in IVR queue
  • Voice Mail based on Estimated Wait time
  • Queue Positon
  • Last agent call routing
  • Text to Speech for dynamic content delivery


  • Agent creation wizard
  • Skill Mapping utility
  • Lead List upload utility


  • Leads Processing
  • List Management
  • Contact History Management
  • Multiple file formats
  • Scrubbing


Mobility interface for caller operations with integration to contact-centre. Can be extended to operating staff, to be linked as an extended agent for inbound/outbound & other operations.